The Tipping Point

I was so impressed by the Outliers that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Malcolm Gladwell’s other books.  The Tipping Point was his first and Outliers , actually his third, so I’ve gone about it a bit back to front.  I’m glad I did though because I feel that if I had started with The Tipping Point, I may not necessarily have been motivated enough to find the Outliers and that would have been a real shame.

I was waiting to be just as impressed by The Tipping Point but unfortunately, it didn’t have quite the same impact.  Still a very interesting book to read with its premise that little things can make a big difference.  Fascinating examples from how something as inconsequential as removing graffiti and stamping down on fare evaders can lower major crime to how teenage suicide became in an epidemic in Micronesia.

While there are obvious patterns to why certain things become trends, there also seems to be a randomness.  I think my “discontent” comes wanting more, specifically ways to apply some of the theories.

I can’t help but compare it to the Outliers .   Outliers  got me thinking on so many levels and created such an intense urge to share and discuss my findings and reactions.  The Tipping Point reached me only at one level – intellectually.

While my thoughts on the book are somewhat lukewarm, it is probably only so because my expectations were unusually high.  I still think this is a good book and would recommend it to anyone who believes that little things don’t really matter.

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