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Hi, I’m Mi and welcome to my blog!

This is a space where I share my views and reflections about various issues and topics.  While the basic idea is to provide you with material that will help you with your business, the issues covered may be of a more general nature as I believe many aspects of life inevitably intersects with your business.  Other times, I just can’t help myself (I file these moments under “My Reflections”, although “My Rants” could also be appropriate!)

I would love to hear what you think whether you agree with me or not, so if anything I write stirs something in you, please do share.

Here’s a short tour of the blog.  These four categories contain more practical and developmental articles:
(*Some articles are filed under multiple categories)

My Reflections as I mentioned earlier is more personal and tangential in nature containing my stories, personal experiences and commentary.

Book Reviews, are reviews of books that have made a mark for me.  They are generally positive reviews, but not always and I’m happy to hear opposing views!

Light Relief is just that.  It’s neither about business nor personal development because what’s the point of life if you can’t also have a bit of fun?  I haven’t updated this for a while.  Does that mean I’m getting a little too serious….?

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Note: To support the material provided on this blog, I occasionally use externally sourced material – quotes, excerpts, photos and images.  I endeavour where possible to credit/link original sources.  If this has not been done, it is either an unintentional oversight or because I have not been able to locate the source.  If you are able to provide me with the correct information in either instance, please contact me.