Client Testimonials

Amazing to have this insight

Mi has been my business coach since late 2013. My business has grown from strength to strength with Mi’s help.

Even though I’ve worked in business for many years, Mi seems to be three steps ahead of me.

She’s helped me understand the processes and strategy behind lead generation, conversions and product differentiation. I’ve also benefited from her expertise in communications and learning what my clients need. She set up my CRM that integrates enquiries and monthly revenue – which is fabulous. Her experience as a CEO of a major super fund really comes through when understanding the revenue side and it’s amazing to have this insight.

With Mi’s support, guidance and expert advice, I’ve been able to transition from a corporate role into a small business owner and I’m eternally grateful to her for making it happen.

Naren Chellappah, Melbourne

Best decision I have made

I’ve been in practice for nearly two years and I engaged Mi as my business coach nearly twelve months ago. Reflecting back I can see the strong impact she has on my business’ development and my own personal growth in this time. She has provided me with a framework and tools to move my business forward when it felt like it has been going around in circles.

Her experience and wisdom has been invaluable across the whole of my business from writing a business plan to the day to day running of a business. Mi has also extremely intuitive of my own needs and has provided me with ways to re-energise myself when I’ve been running low. She also senses when I am avoiding things and has helped to address these issues in a non-confrontational gentle manner.

I can whole heartily say that the best decision I have made in my business has been to engage Mi as my business coach.

Jane Cameron, Melbourne

What you do is so valuable. I feel so much better about my business issues. Before talking to you, it was like I was looking into a fog. Now, it’s clear.
S. Lee, Kuala Lumpur

Coaching compelling and useable

Mi has a refreshing take on marketing that really captured my imagination and enhanced my understanding. As a therapist, most marketing material I’ve come across in the past seemed to miss the mark for me. Yes, we need to be profitable, but like most therapists I’ve encountered, profit is not a primary driver for our businesses. This is crucial and Mi really gets it which, for me, made her coaching more compelling and usable. I felt she understood what mattered to me and recommended ways I could work with that.

I thoroughly enjoyed being coached by her and would highly recommend her to any woman seeking business coaching and especially to other therapists.

Linda Black, Melbourne

Outstanding business coach

Mi is an outstanding business coach, she manages to drill down to the important issues in no time at all. Whether you are a SME or Sole Trader, Mi gives the same attention to detail and inspires her clients to achieve their goals.

Meg Phillips, Melbourne

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More productivity and work-life balance

I am so very fortunate to have found Mi, my business coach, my mentor, my teacher of all things business. As a sole trader and therapist, I have been able to share the growing of my business with someone who is so knowledgeable and has the answers and solutions to every single one of my business-related difficulties. Mi has been able to dissect my previous invoicing system and create a new, more efficient invoicing and database system using Excel that is customised to meet my individual needs, is easy, saves me hours of time each week and made invoicing less cumbersome. My non-billable hours each week have significantly reduced. I don’t know where I would have been without her! She seeks to understand me, understand my work and identify what’s important to me and my private practice. Having her guidance, expertise and knowledge on hand has helped me so much.

In my session with Mi today, my 7-year-old daughter came to me and said, mum you don’t work nearly as much as you used to. I can honestly say that I now see more clients and my business has grown significantly, but with improved efficiencies and better systems in place (compliments of Mi), I have more time to spend with my family and my weekends are for me and my family – no more work!! She has helped me achieve that work-life balance I was always hoping for but could never achieve on my own.

I have no hesitations in highly recommending Mi as a business coach. She is clever, knowledgeable, has passion, is committed to making a difference and in a gentle and effective way offers practical guidance, support and customised solutions to achieve business-related goals.

Melissa P, Melbourne
Occupational Therapist

MBTI Workshop feedback

Now that I have an understanding or other staff’s strengths and ‘weaknesses’, I can better accept/give appropriate tasks. It was EXTREMELY interesting and a heck of a lot of fun! Well done!

So motivated and clear now

The manner in which you conducted the session was so engaging. I particularly enjoyed the fact that you asked challenging questions that had me thinking differently. I am now so motivated and clear about my direction that I have newfound energy and enthusiasm in my business.

Monique C, Melbourne