Professional Profile

Coach Mi spent 15 years within the financial services industry, with her career peaking as CEO of a super fund at age 34.

She attributes her career success to her philosophy of accountability, continuous innovation and having an uncanny ability to recognise potential in people and ideas.

After achieving her own career goals, she found herself drawn to helping others achieve theirs.

With a natural affinity to coaching and a deep desire to share her business skills a meaningful way, she embarked on a career shift and started a business coaching practice and now coaches women from various industries from services, retail to professionals.

With core values of authenticity, integrity and commitment, she achieves optimum results in her coaching by being a true advocate for her clients.

Mi’s qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Bachelor of Laws (Hons)
  • Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investments
    • Certified NLP practitioner
    • Cert IV in Workplace Training & Assessment
    • Accredited in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (Step 1 & 2)
    • She is also a mother of two young children and like most working mothers, continuously strives to achieve work-life balance.

      Mi is an avid reader of most genres, is a science fiction fan, loves coffee, good food and red wine and when she can spare the time, enjoys playing the piano and dabbles in photography.

      Mi is a business coach passionate about helping business women achieve their dreams.

      Mi Thian-De Wind - Women's Business Coach
      “My goal is to help women achieve greater clarity and focus so that they can be successful in their business without compromising what’s important in their lives”

      A Personal Word from Coach Mi

      Reflecting on my career climbing the corporate ladder and that of my female peers, I realised how lonely it could be for a woman in business whether in the corporate world or in running your own business. As a woman, admitting uncertainty in a competitive environment often means opening yourself to judgement about your competence.

      You were fortunate if you went home to a supportive spouse but a spouse in a different industry could at most, offer moral support and understanding. If your spouse was in the same industry, you could perhaps bounce ideas and get practical advice but sometimes, even in supportive relationships, an element of competitiveness still exists.

      We “superwomen” put ourselves under immense pressure to perform, to achieve, to balance work and the home, and hesitate to seek help. I was certainly guilty of this. My greatest challenge has been balancing my job as CEO of a super fund, my “other job” as mum to a toddler and baby, and not to mention as a wife. You hope for a win-win situation but end up juggling so many balls, you lose sight of what’s important.

      These conditions are unsustainable with real fulfilment much harder to achieve. This is where I draw my inspiration.

      My vision is to provide a supportive environment where I would be your advocate, to support and empower you through your challenges, to share my business skills and knowledge with you so that you would have an easier and more rewarding path to achieving your goals.