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The simplest answer is to use the analogy of a sports coach or a personal trainer. A business coach is very much like both of these professionals but with your business as the focus. A business coach will help you define your business vision and goals, and then help you achieve them.

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This depends on how committed you are to the process and how diligently you work through your issues. It also depends on how regular the coaching sessions are. If we are working intensively, a general rule of thumb would be approximately 6 months. By then, you should have sufficient resources to continue on your own if you are sufficiently self-motivated. Many coaching relationships however, can last for 1-2 years or more as many business owners find it helpful to continue with coaching as their business evolves.
Yes you can but it is unlikely that you will get real benefits as the coaching process is about helping you make major shifts and it is unrealistic to expect this to happen in one or two sessions. If you are looking at only one or two sessions, you need to consider how committed you are to achieving your goals.

One-off sessions may be appropriate for you if you have a very specific issue that needs to be resolved. Please contact Coach Mi to discuss.
I have different packages that are tailored to your situation. The best way to find out is to book a complimentary consultation which will firstly, help you work out whether I am the right business coach for you, and together we can decide on the appropriate package for you.

I also offer an unconditional guarantee on my coaching services.

Sessions vary from 45 to 90 minutes depending on your needs and will vary over the course of your coaching.
While I specialise in coaching women, I do occasionally coach men. This has generally been a result of referrals. If you are a male business owner and would like to explore whether there is a good fit between my coaching and your needs, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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