Network marketing – a refreshing look

I admit I’m not a great fan of network marketing.  It’s one of those things that usually leaves a bitter taste in my mouth because it has tainted many of my friendships.  However, I recently had a refreshing experience that I thought worthy of sharing.

I met a woman passionate about the product she was promoting.  Burdened by a long term illness, she had tried many different therapies to improve her health and eventually discovered supplements marketed by a network marketing organisation that seemed to make a difference.  It had such an impact on her health (she has blood test results to prove it!), that she decided to explore it from a business point of view.

As she told me her story, I was moved by her conviction, her willingness to stand by that conviction which she demonstrates by gifting the product to her family and friends so that they can experience the benefits.  Needless to say, this generosity has been rewarded with these family and friends becoming customers.

What was different about my interaction with her compared with other network marketers that I’ve come across is that she did not at all mention the “business opportunity” other than to reference it to herself.  Her view was that when she got client referrals, that was the time to put forward a suggestion that her referrers got rewarded and that it was up to them to decide whether  the business was right for them.

She thought beyond family and friends and was looking for networking opportunities.  She had a clear target market in mind which was based on who these supplements could and would help the most.  Not at all the random “anybody I can get my hands on” attitude common of network marketers.

Of the seven points I covered in my Seduced by Network Marketing? post, she had a good handle on four, and probably the rest too if I had dug a bit further.  I must admit I was pleasantly surprised.

So, for a change, instead of being hard on network marketing, I decided to share this rather refreshing look at one network marketer who seems to be going about it sensibly and authentically.

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  1. these are good points to consider… especially if considering to join a network marketing scheme. keeping it in mind. thanks. Yahweh bless.

  2. hi!
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  3. Your blog post was thought-provoking and well-articulated. I enjoyed the unique perspective you brought to the topic and the thoughtfulness with which you addressed different angles.

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