As a Man Thinketh

Can you really shape your destiny with your thoughts?

Have you ever wondered whether your thoughts can determine what happens in your life?  There is a whole self-help industry based on this premise, however, the power of positive thinking isn’t a new concept.  This book – “As a Man Thinketh” was written in 1902 and the author James Allen embraces the idea that your thoughts can make or break you so choose what and how you think carefully.

I like his analogy of our minds being a garden which will “bring forth” whether we care for it or neglect it  i.e. without intelligent cultivation will produce weeds.  It follows that to maintain this garden requires continuous effort.  This analogy probably resonates with me because of the constant battle with weeds in our vegetable patch at home!  I can certainly appreciate how quickly weeds take over when there is insufficient attention and care.

The book goes much, much deeper (even though it is only 27 pages long) and suggests that our circumstances, our health, our achievements are all not only linked to but are a result of our thoughts.  A very worthwhile read.

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“A man is but the product of his thoughts.  What he thinks, he becomes” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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