Are you advertising your “tools” instead of a “solution”?

If you saw a plumber advertise in the following way, you’d probably think it was a joke.

“I have the latest xyz spanner which can tighten your
nuts and bolts with 30% greater efficiency” 

And sadly it’s not a joke.  Many businesses advertise like this, especially therapists and health practitioners.  The assumption is that your audience knows what your tools are for.  Some may, but most won’t.

Understand your target market.  Is it people who have already been exposed to your technique e.g. hypnotherapy, acupuncture, naturopathy, reiki, EFT, NLP?  Or is it  people who first need to understand what your modality can do for them?

The more obscure your line, the more crucial how you advertise becomes.

Your potential clients have a pain, a problem that needs to be fixed. Most don’t care how you fix it as long as you do. So the language that you use needs to address this pain or problem. Once you connect with them at this level, once they think or feel that you might be able to help them, then they might want to know how you are going to do it.

I know your problem.

I understand your problem.

I can help.

This is how – these are my tools.

So consider your marketing and advertising. Have you short-circuited the communication process and jumped straight to “these are my tools”?

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