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For riddle and puzzle lovers, here’s one that should provide a challenge. While the same logical, deductive skills were required, I found this one far more difficult than Are you in the 2% of the population that can solve this riddle?.

The Puzzle

Eight couples meet to lend one another some books. Couples have the same surname, occupation and drive the same car.  Each couple has a favourite colour and we are provided with the following information:

  • Daniella Black and her husband work as Shop-Assistants.
  • The book “The Seadog” was brought by a couple who drive a Fiat and love the color red.
  • Owen and his wife Victoria like the color brown.
  • Stan Horricks and his wife Hannah like the color white.
  • Jenny Smith and her husband work as Warehouse Managers and they drive a Wartburg.
  • Monica and her husband Alexander borrowed the book “Grandfather Joseph”.
  • Mathew and his wife like the color pink and brought the book “Mulatka Gabriela”.
  • Irene and her husband Oto work as Accountants.
  • The book “We Were Five” was borrowed by a couple driving a Trabant.
  • The Cermaks are both Ticket-Collectors who brought the book “Shed Stoat”.
  • Mr and Mrs Kuril are both Doctors who borrowed the book “Slovacko Judge”.
  • Paul and his wife like the color green.
  • Veronica Dvorak and her husband like the color blue.
  • Rick and his wife brought the book “Slovacko Judge” and they drive a Ziguli.
  • One couple brought the book “Dame Commissar” and borrowed the book “Mulatka Gabriela”.
  • The couple who drive a Dacia, love the color violet.
  • The couple who work as Teachers borrowed the book “Dame Commissar”.
  • The couple who work as Agriculturalists drive a Moskvic.
  • Pamela and her husband drive a Renault and brought the book “Grandfather Joseph”.
  • Pamela and her husband borrowed the book that Mr and Mrs Zajac brought.
  • Robert and his wife like the color yellow and borrowed the book “The Modern Comedy”.
  • Mr and Mrs Swain work as Shoppers.
  • “The Modern Comedy” was brought by a couple driving a Skoda.

Are you able to match all the relevant details for these 8 couples – name and surname, occupation, car, favourite colour, the book brought to the meeting and the book borrowed?

Solution will be posted in the Comments section in a few days.  Enjoy!

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  1. This was my solution:

    (Formatting isn’t great. If anyone would like the solution in a spreadsheet, please let me know)

    Wife – husband – Occupation – Car – Book brought – Book borrowed – Colour

    Daniella Black – Matt – Shop assts – Trabant – Mulatka Gab. – We were 5 – pink

    Victoria Kuril – Owen – Drs – Skoda – T Mod. Comedy – Slovako Jud. – brown

    Hannah – Stan Horricks – Agric. – Moskvic – Dame Com. – Mulatka Gab – white

    Jenny Smith – Rob – W’hse Mgrs – Wartburg – We were 5 – T Mod. Comedy – yellow

    Monica Cermak – Alex – Tkt coll. – Dacia – Shet Stoat – G’father Joseph – violet

    Irene Zajak – Oto – Account. – Fiat – T Seadog – Shed Stoat – red

    Veronica Dvorak – Rick – Teachers – Ziguli – Slovako Jud. – Dame Com. – blue

    Pamela Swain – Paul – shoppers – Renault – G’father Joseph – T Seadog – green

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