Work before play – not really a virtue

Work-before-Play or Play-before-Work – which are you?  I’m of the Work-before-Play school.  Have always been.  In fact, this is so ingrained that if I tried to “play” before work, I’d feel so guilty I wouldn’t enjoy it anyway.


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There is a risk though, that work (and guilt) takes over to such a degree that we forget to reward ourselves.  As much as hard work and conscientiousness are virtues, all virtues in excess, become faults.

I can’t say I will ever swing to the play-before-work camp since it offends my sense of responsibility and commitment (commitment being one of my core values), but I do wonder about all the fun the other camp is having!

Balance is the key of course and my ideal would be to find a way to incorporate play INTO my work.  Now wouldn’t that be wonderful?

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