Why are you making it so hard for me to comment?

Dear Blogger

I think you would agree that getting comments on your blog posts, especially genuine, insightful ones, is sometimes quite challenging.  As a fellow blogger, I try where possible to actively support my peers by commenting where I can.  There’s such a vast amount of wonderful information available that it’s never difficult to find something to read, but finding something of consequence to say is quite another matter.  I stumbled upon one of your posts today, and for a change, found that I had something to say.

I was surprised to see that you had zero comments, and I thought “what a shame”.  This blog really needs some “love”.  But what amazed me was how difficult it was to actually place a comment!

Trying to make it difficult for me to comment?

Firstly, I had to get past your “robot test”.  Yes, I know, we all hate spam, but I’ll let you in on a secret – I love comments more than I hate spam.  That CAPTCHA “thing” is really quite difficult to read, even for a human with fairly good eyesight!  Secondly, unless I used my Google Account or Open ID (Live Journal, WordPress, AIM, TypePad) account, I actually couldn’t comment.  Now, for reasons only known to me, I don’t want to use either my Google account or my other IDs.  Perhaps I prefer to remain anonymous?  Unfortunately, I didn’t have any other options.

Well, guess what?  I gave up and didn’t comment.  It got me wondering how many other readers felt the same way?

Anyway, thought this might be food for thought.  Good luck with your blogging!

Warm regards

Coach Mi


You might not have a blog, in which case this particular story may not seem relevant, but it pays to consider whether there is anything else in your business that could be turning people away.  Walk through each stage of your contact with your clients or customers, place yourself in their shoes, and test for similar annoyances.

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  1. I don’t think there’s anything, per se, wrong about not allowing “anonymous” comments. Coming from a comment moderation, terms of service position at a television station, I know how certain social graces and common sense are lost when we feel the safety of being “anonymous”. However, everything else you touched on is spot on. Captchas, if you must use them, should be easy to read and even hear, if necessary.

    Smartest bet is to add in your web or blog address if you’d like to get some return link action!

    1. Post

      Hi Mallie, you make a good point about social graces and common sense being lost sometimes. I think that’s what moderation is for. On a blog with less traffic, the author can easily moderate unsavoury comments.

  2. I certainly have trouble reading some of these twisted characters, some of which are intertwined characters. If they are too difficult to leave comments , then none are given and most times I share less often too.

  3. I hear you! I’m sick of it the amount of times i go to make a comment and think about what to say only to be hindered in the process is really sad. I know that spam is rife but seriously we need to do more moderation and less automation.

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