Time Management (Part 3) – “I don’t have enough time”


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How often have you uttered or heard this phrase?  Discussing this issue is usually fraught with time bombs because having “enough time” is rarely the real problem, often just a cover-up.

The Real Reason #1 – Changing Priorities

I actually dislike the phrase “make time.  It pushes my buttons.  At an intellectual level, I don’t like it because you can’t “make” time.  You either use it effectively or you don’t.  But the real reason behind my distaste is the implication that I have not prioritised things properly.

Often our priorities change and for various reasons, we refuse to be upfront about this change.  So we hide behind the excuse “I don’t have enough time”.

The Real Reason #2 – Over-commitment

Closely related to “changing priorities” is “over-commitment”.  Over-committing yourself to social, familial and work obligations whether genuinely motivated or not will leave you feeling strapped for time.  You are juggling so many balls that if you dare to blink, you’ll drop them all.  Spreading yourself too thin is counter-productive and no one, cause or project is getting quality from you.  Consider whether you and everyone else would be better off if you gave your best to a few areas of your life rather than potentially your worst to all the areas that you feel committed to.


Whatever your real reasons are, the “I don’t have enough time” excuse usually never rings true.  If you are using this phrase often, then it may be time for some self-reflection.  If you feel that you could get better organised, read the To-Do lists and the Email Trap articles for some practical tips.  Most importantly, truly assess your priorities and get clarity about which ones you should be committing your energy and resources to.  Until then, there is a good chance that time will continue to elude you.

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