Is your pay cheque stopping you from achieving your dreams?

Are you working in a job you can’t stand because of the money?  Then, this article is targeted at you!

So many people stay in high paying jobs that give no satisfaction because of the money.  Their dreams and desires are so clouded by the pay packet attached to their job that their dreams and desires become secondary.  Are you one of these people?

Obviously, some of you have genuine financial reasons for needing to stay in your jobs, but it’s worth assessing a few things – the cost to your emotional well-being, the cost of not being fulfilled and the cost of not attaining your ultimate goals and dreams.

Is it because you don’t know what your goals or your dreams are?  Is it because you don’t know what is waiting for you out there in the “big wide world”?  Are you paralysed by financial insecurity and treat your fortnightly pay as a security blanket?  Can you even imagine doing something you love?  Doing something that fulfils and be paid for it?

Yes, it is possible!  The biggest obstacles are your justifications for staying where you are:-

“The job isn’t that bad, most of the time”

“The money is really important”

“I wouldn’t know what to do anyway”

“No job is perfect”

“My spouse/partner won’t support me doing something else”

Examine what is really behind these justifications.  Is it your fear of the unknown?  Is it your reluctance to leave your comfort zone?  Do you at some level believe that it’s not possible to have a job that you love and be financially secure?  If that is what you really believe, then yes, it will never be possible – for you.

Do you truly want more than what you have now?  Then challenge any self-limiting beliefs and believe that it’s possible.  That is your first and most important step.

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