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Diversity is a risk

I’ve seen this happen time and time again.  Managers and business owners who hire people like them, because naturally, we like, trust and respect people who are like us.  It’s familiar, safe, and predictable.


I read this article on Women’s Agenda this morning – “Why focussing on the team could lead to greater diversity” *, and it got me thinking about this issue.  You have to actually believe that diversity produces tangible benefits, and not just for the sake of political correctness.  That belief is crucial because having a diverse team is not a bed of roses.  Diversity means difference which can mean discomfort and tension.  It’s a manager’s nightmare and chances are managing diversity isn’t a skill that you (the business owner) or your line manager has.

If you want to get out of group think, get new ideas, progress beyond the status quo, that difference and tension is what will get you there but it’s a risk.

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* The link to this article has been removed as it no longer appears on the Women’s Agenda site.

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